Clothing Sales Ideas That Can Bring More Revenue per Year

Clothing Sales Ideas That Can Bring More Revenue per Year

Business is bound to grow when you plan for it well. People keep saying ‘Build it and they will come’. This age old adage is not as true in real life as you will have to work a lot more than just building a store. Clearly, sales revenue is something that every storekeeper has a keep an eye open for at all times. Major realty locations aside there is need for better business ideas to tap on the available customers around. It is better to understand the pulse and promote your store in such way that the potential customers can see value in purchasing.

Promotional sales!

There is nothing like a call to purchase for the customers. Mostly the ladies have a penchant to buy clothes and accessories whenever they read a signboard saying “Sales”. Always try to get in more weekly or monthly sales for better revenue generation all through the year. Get your kids clothing wholesaler Suncity to be prepared for the orders and you can roll along with such offers. The best thing for the store with such offers is that this can easily tempt the buyers to tread into things they initially had not hoped to look into. A sale is a good measure to induce an artificial need for people.

Other events

Happening stores can be a big buzz among the customers. Events on weekly basis are sure to bring more footfalls and create an impact in the mind of visitors about the upbeat store they are in. These activities need not be very expensive as major kids store can work out some young kid’s event only. Kids’ event would mean that parents are accompanying them along to the store. This is a way to create awareness about the store in the area and customers tend to remember these events quite well. Top of the mind stores are the place they would like to visit and shop the next time they are out.


Well, it definitely pays to have some goodies when dealing with customers on day to day basis. Even if really inconsequential things are given out like goodies then too people seem to care about it. This is why things given out for promotional purpose need to be carefully chosen as they can leave an imprint on the mind of the customers. Also, the store can play it cool by getting their name printed on the things offered as gifts. Yearly calendars and occasional mugs can well be used as goodies you give away to customers.

Catch the attention

It is all about leaving a mark on the mind of the potential customer. This way you as a business will have more chance to get them to come back whenever an occasion comes. Overall the customers would only visit places that can come to their mind at once. Kids clothing wholesaler could be the right partner in the journey towards better sales and revenue. Overall the planning need to be stupendous for success.



People are quite unaware of the recent booms in the field of banking services that can lower the risk of any kind of extra expenses. These are so great that they never take the form of posing a risk to the customers availing the services. So, one of such feature is the “Overdraft Facility”. So, for knowing more about this facility, one needs to have some knowledge.


Overdraft facility is the line of the credits that can also be termed as the credit cards that can be easily accessed by the current account of the account holder. Usually, it is quite common that a person may simply draw that amount of money that is present in his account. But the incredible feature of overdraft allows the person to withdraw more than the amount available. They are much secured against many other facilities like the deposits, shares and the property. The ODs are better because the interest rates are better than the others.

OCBC can be one of the best banks in Malaysia that can quickly avail the service to anyone. One may simply visit the page  to go through the facilities. One can read about the overdraft facility in Malaysia in the next section.


The interest can be easily calculated by referring to the BLR rate which in turn is calculated on the basis if the daily overdraft value. There is a simple calculation formula:

The charge of interest= amount overdrawn x rate of interest x number of days/ span of 365 days. By following this procedure of calculation one can easily decide the amount that shall be charged and accordingly desire for the better option.


The overdraft facility is often regarded by people as a loan. So, there are eventual questions whether to go for the mortgage, overdraft or the personal role service.

The comparison can be explained as follows:

  • The availability of the overdraft is a bit complicated in the procedure. But the funds that will be available with this can be availed at any time without any approval.
  • But, the mortgage service needs approval every time. So, this is further much complicated.
  • The span of which the overdraft facility can be availed is unlimited and the review of the credit is just justified by the banks.
  • But the situation I completely different in a mortgage that focuses on the repayment immediately within the said period and is also limited mostly to 10 years. The criteria are totally the same as the personal loans.
  • The rate of interest that is levied with overdrafts is a bit higher than the mortgage but the interest is charged up to a limit. On the other hand, the personal loan system is quite expensive.
  • The repayment I possible at any time within the span.

But with the personal loan service, there s a need to pay via regular installments.

So, it can be easily assessed that the overdraft facility in Malaysia is a great one because there is never a fear of the bounced cheques and the minimum pledge for the money can be made only with RM10000. The process is quite easy and is the reason behind its popularity. So, if you are facing any crises, be sure to avail the facility quick.

10 Factors That Determine Interest Rate of Home Loan

10 Factors That Determine Interest Rate of Home Loan

Building or purchasing one’s own humble abode is a dream for many, and thanks to the easy availability of Home Loans, this dream can now come true with increased ease. However, before you go ahead to apply for a loan, we recommend you take some time to analyse the interest rate you will be paying for the same.

This is because, while your principal amount will more or less remain the same, it will be the rate of interest which will determine the overall cost of your loan. The higher the rate, the more you will be required to pay from your pocket and vice-versa.

To help you draw a fair analysis of the rates offered by different lending agencies and banks, we have listed down the factors that determine the interest rates on various Types of Home Loans.

  1. Bank Rate

The bank rate is necessarily the rate of interest at which the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) lends money to other banks. This money is usually given out for a longer time duration, ranging between 1 month and 12 months, without any collateral. These banks, in turn, offer loans to customers, often at a higher rate in a bid to make profits. Hence, when the Bank Rate increases, it results in a spike in Home Loan interest rates.

  1. Repo Rate   

The repo rate, also known as repurchase rate, refers to the rate at which commercial banks borrow money from the RBI. This money is usually acquired with the intention of losing the gap between the funds available with the commercial bank, and the demand for loans from customers. The lending period for this money is rather short, and ranges anywhere from two days to three months, against some security such as bonds. Repo rate is an efficient tool that helps the RBI to maintain liquidity in the market.

There are times when the RBI wishes to constrict the flow of money in the market, and thus increases the repo rate. This, in turn, results in a hike in the interest rates for Home Loans.

  1. Cash Reserve Ratio

Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) is a monetary tool that helps control the supply of money in any economy. By definition, it is nothing but a fraction of the total deposits in a bank that the RBI holds as a reserve. This simple manoeuvre ensures that the banks do not run out of money at any given point in time. Needless to mention, as the CRR increases, the cash at lender’s disposal decreases thus resulting in a hike in interest rates.

  1. Inflation

Inflation is the rise of general prices of goods and services. As can be understood, inflation reduces the purchasing power of money and thereby gives way to higher interest rates.  Moreover, the overall unavailability of liquid funds pushes the interest rates even higher. Hence, availing a Home Loan during inflation may not be a wise decision.

Natural Spring Water From BIG SPRINGS – Perfect For Home And Office Supply

Natural Spring Water From BIG SPRINGS - Perfect For Home And Office Supply

Water is one of the most important needs of our body that we should never take for granted. According to experts, our bodies should have at least 2 liters of water in a day. This is equivalent to 8 glasses of water. Our bodies are composed of 60% water, our brain is about 73% water, and our lungs has 83% water. This is the reason why at home or at work, water intake is very important.

BIG SPRINGS – Natural Spring Water

When water filtration system installation is not an option at the moment, ordering natural spring water from BIG springs is the best solution to your problem. You have to keep your body hydrated at all times. So whether at home or in the office, BIG Springs can get water for your office or your home. BIG Springs is a family owned and operated business. Aside from water, they also rent out water dispensers and accessories.

Bring The Natural Spring Water To Your Home Or Office

BIG Springs is one of the most trusted natural spring water suppliers. They make sure that all of their customers are satisfied with their products and services. Their premium spring water and delivery service are of high quality at an affordable price. Big Springs deliver regular spring water right at your doorsteps. It’s absolutely free which includes installation and cooler maintenance.

BIG Springs Products

Water Coolers can be rented from Big Springs. You can take advantage of the annual cooler rental of $77 which also comes with a 3 free 15 liter bottles. These coolers are of high quality, perfect for home or office use.

Spring Water comes in 15 liters, 8 bottles of 1.5L or 24 bottles of 600mL. The 15L sizes are the most popular which can be used to refill your cooler. The 1.5L and the 600mL are perfect for service stations or sporting events. It can supply cafes, retail stores, or any events.

Custom Labelled Spring Water is also available. This is perfect for you to market your business and showcase your brand. Instead of the Big Springs brand, your own brand can be personalized into the water bottle that you can distribute during events or conferences.

BIG Springs always makes sure that you have an ample supply of natural spring water at home or in the office. This is why through the years of providing service to their customers, BIG springs offer the free water delivery service to all of their customers.

SME India:12 tips to control business expenses

SME India:12 tips to control business expenses

Running a business involves juggling multiple roles and shouldering multiple responsibilities, often at the same time. Controlling expenses is one of the ways to increase the performance of your venture. And you can do that by tracking your business expenses.

You can effectively manage operations by consolidating your purchases, negotiating better pricing, reviewing your vendors, paying your SME loan on time, getting discounts and cultivating fiscal discipline as a core business value.

Let’s note down some tips to control business expenses more efficiently:

#1Wages and Benefits

Every business needs an efficient team. And every team needs to be rewarded sufficiently. Decide salaries and benefits using salary index tools and keep your costs low by hiring people you really need. Outsourcing some jobs can also work out to be a beneficial option for your business.

#2Rent / Mortgage

Be prepared for rents and mortgages when you are setting up operations. To make sure they don’t weigh your business down heavily, when you take an SME loan, opt for a compact office space, in a less commercial area. You can alsoconsider subleasing the same.


You don’t need to always buy brand-new equipment. You can often find multi-functional second-hand equipment in good condition. This is one critical area where you can control your business expenses efficiently.

#4Utilities and Office Supplies

Reduce utility costs by using energy-efficient equipmentthat occupies smaller spaces.Ensure utilities such as gas and internet are not misused, andare turned off when not needed.

#5Data Theft

It is important for all SME India owners tobe aware of the threat that cyber attacks pose to theiroperations. Invest money in better security standards such as camera systems and superior locks as well as virus protectors.

#6 Other Losses

Make sure you take a business insurance to protect your business against unforeseen disasters that may hamper your growth or income.

#7 Professional Fees

To ensure that you put your foot in the right direction, employ professionals to handle law, taxes, or other complex disciplines, atcurrent market costs.

#8 Marketing and Advertising

You can promote your business and ensure a good brand recall by investing in marketing and advertising strategies which are more likely to give your business higher return on investment.

#9 Professional Memberships

To be a part of any industry, a professional membership or association fees is levied, paying which is a must. Find the right groups and spend your money wisely.

#10Travel and Entertainment

Make sure you strike the correct balance and manage to entertainclients well, without having to spend a bomb. Substitute outstation client meetings with video calls and opt for classy, yet low-budget client-pleasing options.

#11Repairs and Maintenance

To make sure your set-up runs just fine, it is important to invest in some timely repairs and maintenance activities. It is advisable to get into an annual maintenance contract with specialised agencies who can handle these routine tasks for your establishment.

#12Tax Preparation

Always be aware of and make provisions for business taxes such as income tax, estimated taxes, self-employment taxes, withheld taxes and excise taxes. Take the help of a professional to guide you through the same.

For an entrepreneur, any opportunity to save extra cash while building a business is a bonus. Master the art of controlling business expenses with the above tips and run a successful organisation within no time at all.

Many advantages are offered by the cryptocurrency system

Many advantages are offered by the cryptocurrency system

You can start making profits by following the instructions on the platform. The autopilot capabilities are possessed in the investment software for the trade optimization purpose. The bitcoin is created particularly to integrate with the cryptocurrency trading system. Using the sophisticated technology is one of the biggest advantages of the cryptocurrency system. The crypto robot is suitable for the experts and beginners in terms of interface and settings. The new crypto investment robot has perfectly optimized and combined the software development and economic theory. The software has become attractive with the autopilot feature available in the Bitcoin Code software. The autopilot feature will prevent the users from making the mistakes because of the emotional disturbances. The important aspects of the system are covered with the details provided by the bitcoin review. The crypto robot is legit and not as can because it is authentic and genuine.

Efficient ways:

You can optimize the settings in the trading system to get numerous benefits. The users can find the best way to trade by following the instructions provided on the platform. You can create and test the efficient ways to make investments online with the help if cryptocurrency robot. The bitcoin is optimized to trade and work along with the biggest cryptocurrencies in the industry. A lot of information is equipped with the Bitcoin Code software about the historical asset movements. There is no room for mistakes as the amount of information present in the software is extremely large. The information can be scanned within a few milliseconds if the robot is active. The current and new users are provided with the top quality service by the bitcoin code. The system should be investigated in order to confirm the authenticity of the software.


The cryptocurrency robot is updated constantly with the latest developments in the industry. The forecasts can be made in a better possible way by updating the cryptocurrency robot. The proper analysis should be carried out when the signals are generated by the software. The probability to make a winning trade will depend on the analysis of the software. The investments can be placed by the crypto robot using the auto trading feature. The experienced traders can conduct their own research and make individual analyses using the manual mode. The users are presented with the forecasts made by the software and act according to them. The trade volume of the invested amount can be determined by the manual mode or automatic mode by the traders. The significant results are generated by the traders with a solid accuracy rate. The important aspects of the system are covered with the details provided by the bitcoin review.

Age Care Management – Elder Care Services

Age Care Management - Elder Care Services

Elder care services are a growing need to manage an elder’s care plan, especially when caregivers who care for a loved one may feel overwhelmed by their many commitments.

When it comes to supporting our elderly parents, emotions are high because it is up to you to understand the needs of your elderly parents.

About age care management

In general, pride for the elderly hinders the efforts of their children to help them with their medications, their diet and other daily grains. Home care services for the elderly are the best way to help the elderly and their caregivers to maintain their relationship and to ensure the best support services in the home. Families that have opted for home care services for the elderly have seen improvements everywhere.

It’s been two months since Jonathan moved to Brooklyn. Mr. Darryl wants to spend a lot of time with his son Jonathan when he comes to visit him. But most of the time Jonathan ends up fixing his father’s medications and therapy dates. Home support services were the best they could ask for. Now, when Jonathon comes to visit him, he spends a lot of time with his father and does not run to take care of drugs.

Elder care services focus on the needs of the elderly, focusing on their strengths and giving them meaning in the long term. They seek to improve the lives of older people by providing professional age care management, home care services, home care and referrals to health care providers, relocation or placement in a nursing home or home. Residence with assistance age problems.

The services are structured to help address some or all of the specific problems and concerns faced by the elderly and caregivers and to provide a comprehensive and individualized care plan based on the services and resources available to meet the needs of the elderly. The services are generally offered step by step, question by question, which would help to keep the elderly person safe and independent as long as possible.

These services can help resolve family conflicts regarding the care of your older child. They can facilitate the reunion of family members and act as moderators, providing a much needed balance for complicated family dynamics.

Services are provided through a variety of personalized approaches and solutions, with high quality care that keeps them as independent as possible and safe at home. Elder care services can coordinate the full range of assistance, help families make the best decisions, and prepare for crisis situations to advance the planning of long-term care for a loved one.

The services generally include:

Evaluation of mental and physical functioning through home evaluations
Coordination of home care and home care services
Guide for the selection of care and housing options
Review of legal and financial needs; refer to the appropriate specialists
Follow-up of customer service under guardianship
Defend the interests of remote clients and caregivers
Respond in times of crisis

Geriatric care services continuously monitor the well-being of your loved one, ensuring your continued comfort and anticipating future needs. The services offer solutions under one roof and will help you every step of the way.

Non-UK domiciled individuals and HMRC cleansing relief

Non-UK domiciled individuals and HMRC cleansing relief

HMRC cleansing relief explained

Tax changes introduced in April 2017 have meant that individuals who are resident in the UK but considered non-UK domiciled for tax purposes have until April 2019 to take advantage of the ‘cleansing relief’ available.

This cleansing relief is accessible to any non-UK domicile who has been taxed on the remittance basis from 6 April 2008. It enables them to remit some of their funds – such as ‘clean capital’ – to the UK before April 2019 with no tax repercussions.

Cleansing mixed funds

Benefitting from this short-term favourable treatment requires eligible non-doms to cleanse their mixed funds – i.e. those funds that comprise a mixture of income, capital gains and clean capital, as well as overseas funds.

Cleansing these mixed funds requires the identification of their constituent parts. Each element – the income, capital gains and clean capital – is then transferred into its own offshore bank account and the funds named accordingly. This will, of course, necessitate multiple bank accounts, which must be set up and receive the transfers before 5 April 2019.

HMRC has supplied a checklist for cleansing mixed fund accounts. Non-UK domiciled individuals must be able to:

  • nominate the transfer
  • make the transfer between 6 April 2017 and 5 April 2019
  • only cleanse money
  • transfer from one overseas account to another
  • specify the amount for each category
  • not have nominated a transfer from account A to account B before
  • be a qualifying individual at the time of transfer
  • make sure the transfer is for income, gains and capital, can be the whole or part of what is in the account, and doesn’t exceed the amounts in the account immediately before the transfer
  • be able to identify the source of the funds
  • Unidentifiable sources

It may be that it’s not possible to identify the sources of all the amounts in a mixed fund. In such cases, only those amounts with identifiable sources can be cleansed. There is also no need to empty the original mixed fund account entirely. However, once a nominated transfer has been made from that account, it cannot be nominated back to it.

Joint accounts

Cleansing is possible on joint accounts even if only one person qualifies. The qualifying individual can cleanse their share of the account by identifying which funds are theirs and whether they are income, capital or chargeable gains.

Meeting the cleansing requirements

Meeting the requirements for the cleansing relief could be challenging for many individuals due to difficulties with identifying the constituent elements of a mixed fund. Incomplete records or a series of transactions over time will hinder cleansing efforts, with things getting trickier the longer the account has been open.

In addition, overstating one of the constituent elements in the mixed fund will invalidate the entire transfer. Those looking to benefit from the relief should therefore engage the services of a tax accountant to ensure the figures are correct. Firms such as Charter Tax, a tax accountant in Tunbridge Wells, can help with this.

Executive Suites: A Wise Choice Over Conventional Office Space

Executive Suites: A Wise Choice Over Conventional Office Space

Coworking is a modern concept developed to address the need to get freed from the financial challenges of leasing and administrating commercial office space. Companies offering coworking spaces charge a rental from the busineses and entrepreneurs and provide the well-maintained and well-equipped office space along with all the amenities and services. This takes off the shoulders of businesses and entrepreneurs the burden of managing office space financially and administratively. This enables them to zero in on the core processes of their operations.

Coworking companies offer packages with deals on all kinds of office spaces. These companies can provide you a workstation on rent or the entire executive suite. Executive suites consist of several rooms with all the office facilities and operate as captive office for a business. They are a great and smart way of managing office spaces at affordable costs and with no hassles of administrating it. An executive suite creates a fully functioning corporate work ambience in a cost-efficient way. It is located within the premises of the coworking buildings and has a valid mailing address for the business hiring it.

Bride Works is a coworking company offering aesthetically crafted and efficiently furnished executive suites on lease. These executive suites are designed and maintained with a corporate flair to enable the entrepreneurs and businesses hiring them project a cutting-edge professional image of their work ethics and culture. Being part of Bridge Works’ commercial coworking buildings, these executive suites share their location with other other competitive businesses and entrepreneurs. This adds to their professional feel and look. For more information click here

BridgeWorks has kept in mind all the business needs while designing packages of these executive suites. Usually, businesses and entrepreneurs hire executive suites for a short term and as an alternative to conventional office space. With this perspective in view, BridgeWorks offers lease on executive suites for as less a period as six months. It also offers the whole gamut of amenities to help the businesses operate smoothly. These spectrum of services include lounges and café with free coffee & tea, virtual address and mailboxes, secure lockers and storage, networking and mentorship workshops, on-site parking, meeting & conference rooms, full-time cleaning staff, media and entertainment room, on-site industrial printer, access to all locations and all-inclusive furnished spaces, community, member portal, and events, etc. So, any business or entrepreneur leasing BridgeWorks’ executive suites, gets  a relief from the mechanical concerns of running office and other office requirements. BridgeWorks offers to extend the lease period if the business wants it.

BridgeWorks executive suites are an excellent substitute for conventional office space, which cannot be leased for a period of less than three years. These executive suites can be customized according to the needs of the businesses in terms of lease period and amenities incorporated. The fact that BridgeWorks provides all the amenities and furniture gives the businesses additional relief of not buying these requirements.

BrideWork soffers lobbies, support personnel, break rooms, conference rooms and many more facilities with its executive suites. So, businesses and entrepreneurs can use common areas along with the space they have rented for office. Hence, executive suites are any day a wiser choice over conventional office spaces in current times.

A Brief Introduction to Systematic Investment Plan

A Brief Introduction to Systematic Investment Plan

The biggest hiccup in investing is not where to invest. Instead, it is when to invest and how to keep investing even during the volatile market conditions. With the arrival of digital technology, the people have become more aware of the equity instruments, mutual funds, P2P financing, and the returns that they offer.

But the problem is people invest in such instruments sporadically and then stop investing when the market falls. Though this is a natural phenomenon, but there is a solution to it. SIP or Systematic Investment Plan- this instrument solves the problem of the best possible return that the investor can get on his money.

What is SIP?

SIP is not a mutual fund; instead, it is a schedule or period that lets you to invest a fixed sum regularly, generally after a frequency of a month. Since the investor has to invest regularly despite the poor market conditions, he can automatically purchase more units when the markets are at a low point. This results in lower average price and higher returns.

Let’s take an example

Suppose, an investor is investing Rs 20,000 every month in a SIP, when the NAV is 20, he will get 1000 units. However, if the NAV diminishes to Rs 10, he will get 2000 units, isn’t a simple arithmetic.  In this way, the investor automatically buys the units when the market is in a bearish phase.

How to calculate the SIP?

An SIP calculator is provided by most of the fund companies online. It can help the investors to calculate the returns easily. This calculator can provide you the actual cost of the investment. All you need to do is to enter is the investment details along with the time horizon.

The best SIP funds available

It depends upon the purpose or the investment goal and the tenure.  For example, if you want to invest in the child’s education the fund like Franklin India High Growth Companies is a good option.

Apart from that, the best large- cap schemes that the investors can invest in is SBI Bluechip Fund, Reliance Large Cap Fund, Aditya Birla Frontline Equity Fund, for mid- cap schemes the best operating funds are L&T, Edelweiss, Kotak Emerging, HDFC Mid Cap, Sundaram Mid Cap, UTI, and for the best tax saving mutual fund schemes are Aditya Birla SL Tax Relief Fund, Aditya Birla Tax Plan, Invesgo India Tax Fund, Reliance tax saver.

What points to consider before investing?

1 – Don’t rely on past performance

The past performance can be an indicator, but it doesn’t guarantee you the future performance. However, it only gives the investor an idea about the long-term value of the scheme.

2 – Factor in the wealth that you want to generate

Before investing in the SIP, it is important to consider the wealth that you wish to generate depending upon your risk appetite. It is believed the investment tenure for 5-6 years is ideal for investing in SIP funds. The important thing is to keep growing the amount of SIP every year as the income grows.

Before investing in SIP take into account the crucial details like goals, investment horizon and risk profile.


SIP is a favourable instrument because it teaches the financial discipline to the modern age investor. Hope this post gave a succinct explanation of what an SIP is and how it helps in your wealth creation objective.