Are you visiting Berlin First Time? Read our 6 Tips to Save time and Money

Are you visiting Berlin First Time? Read our 6 Tips to Save time and Money

When going on a visit to Berlin in Germany, you have to bear in mind that the city is one of the cheapest in the whole of Europe but it is still possible to save while touring the city.

Berlin is a forged city; it is old and has a lot of attraction for tourists. As tourists, you will enjoy your stay in the city. This article looks at few of the attractions you will enjoy on your tour of the city, how to save time and also how you can best save on your budget.

  1. Buy four public transport tickets at once

 A regular public bus ticket for regular journey costs €2.60 while a short journey costs around €1.80 only for 3 stops on metro and 6 stops on a bus. But in fact buying four tickets or more will avail you the opportunity f saving an extra 30% on the cost of transportation in the city of Berlin. Buying four regular tickets at once costs €8.80 reducing the cost of each ticket to €2.20 while that of short journey is €5.60, reducing each ticket price to €1.40

  1. Use the bicycles

In all of Europe, Berlin ranks high among the cities that are bike friendly. The city has a lot of kilometers dedicated to cycling with bike lanes separately high-marked from pedestrian and vehicle lanes. The cycle lanes are smooth, flat and easy to ride on and the streets have Bike Park where you can lock up your bike till next use. Buying a bicycle is worth it in Berlin as it I cheaper than renting at around €12 per day if you are staying for a week or two. After your tour, you can easily sell back the bicycle to those you bought it from or take it home with you.

  1. Visit museums on days when entry is free

The city of Berlin has a lot of memorial sites and Museums that are tourist friendly and some even offer free entry to tourists on specifics days. You might want to time your visit to Berlin City to coincide with the days of free museum entry.  To see more of Berlin, simply click here to know more about exciting places within the city

  1. If renting an apartment, consider alternatives to tourist rental sites

In Berlin, Airbnb charges around €30 per night for a full apartment, while the price for rooms is cheaper. This can still be discounted if local website and local searches are used rather than broad and international websites.

Getting to meet locals can reduce the cost of accommodation by more than 25%

  1. Go to the green parks

Berlin has a lot of green parks hat have very wide space and they are all free to visit. You should visit the Volkpark Friedrichshain in Prenzlauerberg, the small but gorgeous  Körnerpark in Neukölln and the forer airfield  located at Tempelhofer Feld. There is also the famous Tiergarten in downtown Berlin and even the park by Landwehr canal at Paul-Lincke-Ufer in Kreuzberg. They are all free to visit and this will save you a lot of money. You can view the Berlin Tourist attractions map here to see more of parks and museums to visit in the city.

  1. Get on a Hop-on Hop-off tour bus

The Hop-on Hop-off bus in the city of Berlin sells a ticket that lasts for 24 hours. The bus tour takes tourists through a 300 year history of the Berlin city within the 24 hour period. There is always a live tour guide who speaks both English and German fluently on the bus running commentaries about each attraction site. There are also audio commentaries available in 9 other languages. There is also an immersive multimedia show for tourists at the Brandenburg Gate Museum. There are several hop-on hop-off tour bus companies available in Berlin, click here for Berlin bus tours comparison