SME India:12 tips to control business expenses

SME India:12 tips to control business expenses

Running a business involves juggling multiple roles and shouldering multiple responsibilities, often at the same time. Controlling expenses is one of the ways to increase the performance of your venture. And you can do that by tracking your business expenses.

You can effectively manage operations by consolidating your purchases, negotiating better pricing, reviewing your vendors, paying your SME loan on time, getting discounts and cultivating fiscal discipline as a core business value.

Let’s note down some tips to control business expenses more efficiently:

#1Wages and Benefits

Every business needs an efficient team. And every team needs to be rewarded sufficiently. Decide salaries and benefits using salary index tools and keep your costs low by hiring people you really need. Outsourcing some jobs can also work out to be a beneficial option for your business.

#2Rent / Mortgage

Be prepared for rents and mortgages when you are setting up operations. To make sure they don’t weigh your business down heavily, when you take an SME loan, opt for a compact office space, in a less commercial area. You can alsoconsider subleasing the same.


You don’t need to always buy brand-new equipment. You can often find multi-functional second-hand equipment in good condition. This is one critical area where you can control your business expenses efficiently.

#4Utilities and Office Supplies

Reduce utility costs by using energy-efficient equipmentthat occupies smaller spaces.Ensure utilities such as gas and internet are not misused, andare turned off when not needed.

#5Data Theft

It is important for all SME India owners tobe aware of the threat that cyber attacks pose to theiroperations. Invest money in better security standards such as camera systems and superior locks as well as virus protectors.

#6 Other Losses

Make sure you take a business insurance to protect your business against unforeseen disasters that may hamper your growth or income.

#7 Professional Fees

To ensure that you put your foot in the right direction, employ professionals to handle law, taxes, or other complex disciplines, atcurrent market costs.

#8 Marketing and Advertising

You can promote your business and ensure a good brand recall by investing in marketing and advertising strategies which are more likely to give your business higher return on investment.

#9 Professional Memberships

To be a part of any industry, a professional membership or association fees is levied, paying which is a must. Find the right groups and spend your money wisely.

#10Travel and Entertainment

Make sure you strike the correct balance and manage to entertainclients well, without having to spend a bomb. Substitute outstation client meetings with video calls and opt for classy, yet low-budget client-pleasing options.

#11Repairs and Maintenance

To make sure your set-up runs just fine, it is important to invest in some timely repairs and maintenance activities. It is advisable to get into an annual maintenance contract with specialised agencies who can handle these routine tasks for your establishment.

#12Tax Preparation

Always be aware of and make provisions for business taxes such as income tax, estimated taxes, self-employment taxes, withheld taxes and excise taxes. Take the help of a professional to guide you through the same.

For an entrepreneur, any opportunity to save extra cash while building a business is a bonus. Master the art of controlling business expenses with the above tips and run a successful organisation within no time at all.

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